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Executive Committee

Whitney Baker Head of Conservation Services at the University of Kansas Libraries.
Head of Conservation Services, KU Libraries, Lecturer
Kenneth Spencer Research Library, Room 250

Whitney Baker received her MLS with an Advanced Certificate in Library and Archives Conservation from the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her undergraduate work at KU (BA Chemistry and Spanish), and has held the post of Conservator for KU Libraries since 2002.  She previously worked in conservation at the Library of Congress and the University of Kentucky.

Baker teaches MUSE 706, Conservation Principles and Practices, for the Museum Studies program.

Headshot of Jenny Bottrell, KU Museum Studies student
MSO President

B.A. in History, B.A. in Classics, B.A. in Art History (all summa cum laude) from Southern Illinois University.

Woman with short dark hair smiling at the camera
Head of Collection Management, Spencer Museum of Art

Sofía Galarza Liu has worked as an implementation consultant and educator for zetcom Information Systems, Inc. providing database administrator and user training for MuseumPlus clients in the United States. In 2006 she completed Museum Leaders: the Next Generation training at the Getty Leadership Institute in Los Angeles, California. She holds an M.A. in Museum Studies and a BFA in the History of Art from the University of Kansas.

Black woman with shoulder-length curly hair wearing a purple sweater and smiling at the camera
Director, Museum Studies Program, Associate Professor, American Studies and African & African American Studies, Artistic Director, KC Melting Pot Theatre
Lippincott Hall, room 6

Dr. Nicole Hodges Persley is an award-winning professor and director. She is an associate professor of American Studies and African American Studies who specializes areas of hip-hop studies, acting and directing, and African American performance in theater, film and television. An artist-scholar, Hodges Persley creates intentional bridges between the entertainment industry and academia. She is the author of Sampling and Remixing Blackness in Hip-Hop Performance and Breaking It Down: Auditioning for Artists of the Global Majority, co-written with Monica Ndounou of Dartmouth University

Dr. Peter H. Welsh
Professor of Museum Studies
Lippincott Hall, room 6

Professor Welsh's research has addressed a range of issues including the historical and legal background by which museums have come to control culturally sensitive objects; the public representation and interpretation of culture; and concerns over the sustainability of local history museums. He has worked with native cultures in Wyoming and the Southwest, and has conducted archaeological research in Arizona and China. He earned his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania.

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