Program Costs & Financial Aid

Program Costs

  • Use Financial Aid's cost calculator to determine your cost per semester, year or for the entire degree.
    • Our program requires 36 credit hours to graduate, and most students do so in four semesters.
    • Make sure to choose "Graduate students" in the first dropdown menu.
  • Have you attended Haskell Indian Nations University? Great news: You're eligible for in-state tuition! (This will save you roughly 2/3 the cost of your KU graduate degree!) Learn more about the policy.

Financial Aid

  • Complete the FAFSA each year so you have access to options including loans and other financial aid options that don't require payback (grants, work-study, etc.).
  • MUSE has limited scholarship funds available. There's no additional paperwork to apply for funding. We consider all incoming and current students in good standing for these awards.
  • MUSE doesn't offer graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs). But ...
    • We work closely with other departments that hire out-of-field GTAs. We share these opportunities with our students, and we proactively contact departments to see if they have needs our students can fill. We're also happy to serve as references if you apply for these positions. (Just ask!)
    • If you're interested in the arts, apply for the Spencer Museum of Art graduate internships. These competitive, 11-month internships are advertised each January. These come with in-state tuition, a stipend and more.
    • We also send student-hourly and internship positions twice-weekly to our MUSESTUDENTS listserv.