Museums are perpetually evolving and expanding their horizons. Today, more than ever, they endeavor to keep pace with rapid advances in science, art, culture, history, and technology. Museums reflect, as well as enlighten, their communities, and asDr. Sandi Olsen, interim director of KU's Museum Studies Program such must strive to promote social ethics through example. Sensitivity and responsiveness to society’s concerns and expectations are key components at the core of modern museums. Given the active dynamics of our discipline and the institutions it serves, the Museum Studies Program at KU is always seeking new ways to prepare our students for their museum careers via the latest methods and concepts.

Our program offers our students the opportunity to shape their education to suit their personal strengths and goals. Our curriculum provides flexibility in course selection within our Museum Studies courses and beyond, to a broad spectrum of relevant disciplines. The students’ final projects are the culmination of knowledge gained through their coursework, internships, and original research. The program is designed to be completed within two years and most students find this is easily achievable.

KU is a very friendly place, and we aim to make the Museum Studies Program a home away from home for all of our students. Through myriad activities, we provide opportunities for our students to get acquainted with each other and our receptive faculty and staff. In addition to facilitating their academic achievement, our team aims to ensure that students feel comfortable and safe throughout their stay. We dedicate great effort to sharing information on internship and job opportunities, helping students achieve their goals in a timely fashion, and retaining our friendships with them as they transform into our alumni and colleagues.

The measure of success in any academic program is the positive impact it has in the real world. If that is the case, the enormous achievements of our phenomenal graduates make us proud and encourage us to persevere long into the future. Museums will always have an important role in shaping society, and KU Museum Studies graduates contribute to that laudable goal in major ways. 

As your interim director of Museum Studies, it is my pleasure to welcome returning, incoming, and future students to our program. 


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Dr. Sandra L. Olsen

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