Maria Eifler

Maria Eifler
  • Collection Manager, Mammalogy Division, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum

Contact Info

Dyche Hall & PSB
Lawrence, KS 66045


Ph.D. in Systematics & Ecology, University of Kansas, 1998, Lawrence, KS
M.S. in Ecology, University of Tennessee, 1986, Knoxville, TN
B.A. in Psychology with emphasis in Behavioral Biology, Canisius College, 1984, Buffalo, NY

Selected Publications

Eifler D.A., Eifler M.A. (in press) Social foraging in the lizard Ameiva corax. Behavioral Ecology

Hedman H.D., Alvarez H.M., Hanghome G.P.K., Eifler M.A., Eifler D.A. (2014) Reptiles of the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre. ICRF Reptiles & Amphibians 21:73–79

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