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Joint Museum Studies/African & African-American Studies M.A.

Students seeking admission to the joint degree will apply to both AAAS and Museum Studies M.A. programs separately and will be expected to meet the established admission requirements of each program. No GRE is required for either program.

Fall application deadlines: MUSE – January 15; AAAS – May 1

Admission into one program does not guarantee admission to the other.

Students who have begun course work in either AAAS or Museum Studies can apply to be a joint degree student prior to competing all course work requirements for the first degree. In consultation with the respective Directors of Graduate Study, they may be able to receive credit for course work already completed. However, depending on when the application for admission to the second degree program is submitted, the student may be required take more than the required 54 credit hours of course work to obtain both degrees.

Please see the Admission to Graduate Study for additional information on admission requirements.  Applications may be submitted at http://graduate.ku.edu/ku-graduate-application.

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