Vanessa Delnavaz, 2019

Invertebrate Zoology Collection Manager, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Since the completion of the KU Museum Studies Program in May 2019, I have become the invertebrate zoology collection manager at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. At SBMNH, I oversee a collection of approximately 2.5 million invertebrate specimens, a large majority of which are mollusks. We have significant fluid-preserved and dry collections.

In addition to the physical specimens, I also manage our Specify database, which currently has over 150,000 records. I am particularly interested in digitizing our collection to make it as accessible as Vanessa Delnavaz, invertebrate zoology collection manager, looking at a tray of molluskspossible, and therefore am involved in several imaging projects with DSLR photography, as well as scanning electron microscopy.

In my position, I enjoy working in so many different capacities, including collections management, research, volunteer supervision, education, and outreach. I love that I get to put my education from the Museum Studies Program to use every single day, while also constantly learning new things.




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