MUSEies Solve Murder in Ancient Egypt

We in MUSE are a social bunch. So, when a pandemic derails all our usual in-office food days and get-togethers, what do we do? We go back in time to ancient Egypt to solve a murder!

Zoom became our time machine. Our murderologists, Randy and Ali, spun a fast-paced, fantastic story of deceit and death in the ancient world. We broke into teams to solve puzzles and answer trivia questions – including several that spoke to our museum-loving hearts – to earn extra clues to the whodoneit. Without a doubt, our students proved to be top-notch murderologists!

Murder in Ancient Egypt murder mystery participants from Museum Studies.While many of us have been Zoomed out and stressed out lately, this murder mystery provided a great escape from our end-of-semester assignments and readings. It gave us a chance to be together, laugh and just be for a bit. Our students said:

“I felt like the puzzles were the exact right amount of challenging – not too hard but not too easy, either.”

“In times like these, it's so important to take a break every now and then to breathe and take your mind off all the craziness. The murder mystery party was just the ticket!”

“I really enjoyed this. I was looking forward to some human interaction. The murder mystery was the right amount of fun and interesting. I would love to do something like this again in the future.”

Thanks to Randy and Ali, it looks like we’ve found a new way to get everyone together for this school year. If there’s a new mystery to be solved, MUSE is on the case!


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