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Kayle Rieger Patton, 2016

Cultural Accessibility Consultant and Arts Educator

I’m currently a cultural accessibility specialist and arts educator based in the UK. After completing the Museum Studies Program at KU, I worked for several years at a university art museum where I quickly expanded my knowledge, experience, and passion for disability advocacy and arts Tall white woman shaking hands and smiling with a shorter woman while accepting a plaque.accessibility work. I ran programs for adults with dementia, people with vision impairments and families of children with disabilities. I also offered educational training on disability-related topics to museum staff, university students and volunteers while advancing the museum’s overall accessibility. In 2019 I was awarded the Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability’s (LEAD®) Emerging Leader Award, presented by the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, which recognizes arts administrators whose leadership and work furthers the field of accessibility.

Building on this and other experiences, I now offer training and education to cultural institutions centered on accessibility. Additionally, I serve as the director of education & engagement for Ki Culture, a global organization dedicated to creating a sustainable future through the cultural heritage sector. My team creates resources for cultural heritage professionals to encourage sustainable practices throughout their engagement initiatives, from the materials and refreshments to incorporating sustainability topics into educational programming.

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