Cataloging KU's Athletic Feats

Kelby McCaughey spent this past summer interning at the Booth Family Hall of Athletics, which is run by Director Abbi Huderle. It is an all-sports museum for the University of Kansas, located in the front of Allen Fieldhouse on the university campus.The exterior of Allen Fieldhouse and the Booth Family Hall of Athletics at the University of Kansas

A 2017 Big XII Championship ring given to the KU Women's Volleyball teamMy main job was cataloging the parts of the collection Director Huderle had not yet been able to get to, as well as new artifacts the museum received throughout the summer. Even though the focus was purely sports, the variety of artifacts I had to catalogue made for an interesting summer. Of course, there was every sport ball known to man (basketballs, volleyballs, baseballs, footballs, golf balls); award plaques won by university athletes at every type of sporting event; posters; newspapers; programs; and jewelry.

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